Background of the Church

For three to four decades in the mid-20th Century the ‘Christian Character Crusade’ missioned throughout Leinster, establishing Mission Halls as a witness in their respective communities.  One such ‘Hall’ was built on the outskirts of Navan town in 1955.

When the ‘Crusade’ leader, James Hogan, passed away in 1985, Robert Robinson, the Pastor of Hillsborough Elim Church was approached by one of his church members, Billy Cregan, about taking over the ‘Hall’ in Navan.  Billy had previously worked for the ‘Crusade.’  So in 1986 Hillsborough Elim, took on the responsibility of the Mission Hall at Navan.

Inheritance of the Church

The inheritance from the ‘Crusade’ was two-fold: the old Mission Hall and site was one, but more importantly it’s vision scripture.  “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, says the Lord Almighty.  And in this place I will grant peace, declares the Lord Almighty” (Haggai 2:9).

Birth of the Church

In 1988 after 3 years at Belfast Bible College Richard Mawhinney, a member of Hillsborough Elim, was sent from the Church to establish a new congregation in Navan.  Meetings began with 3 people with the emphasis being on prayer, fasting, and evangelism.  After 3 years a fellowship group of 12 people were well established.

Growth of the Church

By 1998 the church was now 20 adults and construction of a new building on the site of the old ‘Hall’ began, with planning permission having previously been granted.  The building was completed and opened by August 1999 having been done ‘by faith’ with, praise God, no loan to repay.

The Church continued to grow in the years of this new millennium and has become multi-national in the process, with up to 7 nationalities being represented and having outgrown the building.

Spreading out of the Church

We called the Church ‘Meath Christian Centre’ once the new building was up.  The name was to give expression to a vision stretching beyond the confines of Navan.

  • The spreading out involved opening of charity shops which began in 2006.
  • Establishing a Church in Kells in 2009 under Eddie Kinghorne the then Assistant Pastor in Navan.
  • Establishing a Church in Swords 2008/09 under Richard Mawhinney, Senior Pastor in Navan. Kyle Gray, Assistant Pastor in Navan from 2009 took over this work in 2011.
  • Darren Curran came on staff as Assistant Pastor in 2012 after 3 years theological training.